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Student Name : Shakil Arfin Shadhin
Institution : MIBT @ Deakin University, Australia
Subject : Diploma leading to Bachelors of Commerce
Comments :

Most of the student has a dream to study abroad. Only the lucky people get that chance. I’m one of the lucky students to pursue my higher education in one of the finest university in Australia. Firstly, I want to thank almighty Allah for being so kind with me. Secondly, I want to thank my parents for supporting me till the last day. Last but not the least I want to thank TPNL for being so friendly, encouraging, obliging and welcoming with me.

I totally lost my track but TPNL showed me the right way to made my dream come true. I talked with other counselor but no one was as friendly as TPNL.I especially thank to Goutam Dada for being so friendly, encouraging and co-operative with me. He encouraged me and showed me the right track. TPNL guided me so that my visa file looks perfect and convincing to the Australian High Commission.

Now I can proudly say that I am a student of Deakin University. I m really thankful to TPNL to facilitate in pursuing my Bachelors from Australia. Every student should take the best way to make their life’s biggest decision. Best regards for the future students who comes to TPNL.

Student Name : Sabrina Tabassum
Institution : University of Queensland , Australia
Subject : Master of International Economics & Finance
Comments :

One day I read about spot assessment of a renowned Australian university in the newspaper. I went to the stated address and found that it is the office of TPNL. Despite of an unknown person and unregistered student to them, I got a very warm welcome. And since then, they spread their hands to assist me in every possible way to achieve my dream which is doing Post graduation from a prestigious and high ranked university. Their all through support till getting my visa overwhelmed me.

Their friendly and homely behavior and way of professionalism in work mesmerized me. I hope every success of TPNL and associates of it.

Student Name : Chowdhury Omar Hassan Munna
Institution : University of Western Sydney
Subject : Master of Accounting
Comments :

I, Chowdhury Omar Hassan Munna, am going to pursue my Mater of professional Accounting (Advanced) in University of Western Sydney, Australia. University of Western Sydney is one of the largest universities in Australia and offer high quality learning facilities for the international students.

The Professional Network (TPNL) has helped me to turn out my dream into reality. Without their assistance especially Gautam Da, it would be very difficult to get admission in this university and my visa application lodgment within a very short time. Gautam dada is more like my guardian to suggest me to select best suitable alternative than a counselor. He gave me his valuable advice in preparing papers and doing all the tasks very efficiently. He is always there having a smiley face to help the students in every manner.

The members of TPNL are really very helpful and can help to choose the right way for a student. I am highly satisfied with their assistance and I would like to recommend the future students who truly dream big and want to take challenge for their dream career, while they are making a decision of studying abroad as TPNL is the best in lending a hand to right university for right people.


Student Name : Sudipta Saha
Institution : Montana State University , USA
Subject : Bachelor of Engineering
Comments :

Everybody has some dreams, To fulfill those dreams sometimes we need help of other people, I was in such a situation when I was planning for higher studies in USA . I was confused what to do? How to do? At that time I find TPNL as a magic lamp. The heart of TPNL Mr. Shariful Uncle and The soul of TPNL my most favorite Mr. Goutam uncle solve my every problem , even they also inspired me to take SAT so that I can get Scholarship , I did so. And now I am in Montana State University with a little amount of scholarship. I thanks to God, My parents and then Obviously TPNL...

They are the people who make this way easier. I wish may God bless them..

Student Name : Sudipto Chakroborty
Institution : University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
Subject : Master of Engineering Studies/Master of Engineering Management
Comments :

TPNL is a very good student consulting firm. They helped me to get myself admitted in university of Technology Sydney in the program “Master of engineering studies Master of engineering management”. TPNL is the best because:

-TPNL Managing Director Mr. Shariful Islam Khan is the First Bangladeshi who Obtained the Certificate of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor from Professional International Education resources (PIER), Queensland, Australia -They are certified official agent from the high ranked universities of Australia, USA, Canada , Malaysia & UK. -Three are some expert consultants in TPNL. “Goutam Mama” is one of them who -Helped me very much. I am really very much grateful to him. -They help me to get Visa.

I recommended TPNL as a very good student consulting firm.

Student Name : Shegoofta Tarannom Durdana
Institution : Macquarie University, Sydney , AUSTRALIA
Subject : Masters of Accounting-CPA Extension
Comments :

THE PROFESSIONAL NETWORK LIMITED (TPNL) has helped me to turn out my dream into reality. Without their assistance especially GOUTAM Da , it would be very difficult to get admission in this University within a very short time. Goutam Da helped me a lot in this whole process. He gave me his valuable advice in preparing papers and doing all the tasks very efficiently. He is always there having a smiley face to help the students in every manner.

The members of TPNL are really very helpful and can help to choose the right way for a student. I am highly satisfied with their assistance and I would like to recommend the future students to come, while they are making a decision of studying abroad as TPNL is the Best in lending a hand to right University for right people.

Student Name : Wisam Imran Babar
Institution : Macquarie University
Subject : Master of Research
Comments :

Intended University : Macquarie University

I would like to acknowledge that TPNL has assisted me immensely in joining a master of research program in Molecular Science at Macquarie University, a prestigious and top-rated University in Sydney, Australia. For this, I would like to sincerely thank the organization and its entire staff. TPNL has helped me in every step of the way – from lodging my application to the University, to the processing of the Visa. I have seen the organization’s close ties with Macquarie University, amongst many other esteemed educational institutions. Throughout the course of my application process, the organization has maintained regular correspondence with personnel from Macquarie University about my application and has helped me with all necessary documents in a smooth and organized way. The efficiency and diligence with which the numbers of the staff have overseen the whole process, especially in helping with the visa, have been exemplary and have kept me fully confident and without worry. I am especially grateful to Mr. Shariful Islam Khan, Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Goutam Chandra Banik , Head of counselors & General Manger, for their enormous support throughout the course of my application. I am extremely thankful to the entire TPNL team for their invaluable assistance with my entire application process.

I highly recommend future students aspiring to study abroad to take advantage of this organization’s excellent services.

Student Name : Maysun Jamil
Institution : Western Kentucky University, USA
Subject : Food & Nutrition
Comments :

I, Maysun Sumaiyyah Jamil, have applied for a bachelor Degree at Western Kentucky University. I am glad to tell you that after such a long six to seven months struggle I’ve at last got my visa and I am actually flying to USA (which is quiet unbelievable still).

I sincerely thank Rajib Bhai and Sharif Bhai for tolerating all the pain that I gave by disturbing them every now and then. Special thanks to Rajib Bhai because without his hardwork maybe I would not have written these statements. He knows how desperate I was to get this visa.  Thanks a lot for all the support and sorry for all the torture that I have done.

It was rather an excellent journey.


Student Name : Fahmida Rabbi
Institution : Western Kentucky University, USA
Subject : Applied Economics
Comments :

Going abroad for studies is a hard way to choose. What is more difficult is to choose an agency to follow up your work on behalf of you. Here the question arises of trustworthiness. To be very honest I also went through the same dilemma whether to trust or not TPNL in initial stages. But I must say TPNL have such transparency which will make you trust them.  It is not like that—they will provide any instant “opportunity” for you. But certainly they will make an opportunity for you like the one best suit you.

What makes my journey and working with TPNL easier is one person with a little fat and a big smile “Rajib” vai. It was him who made me possible to adjust with TPNL, its environment and to rely on them. Well, choosing universities according to your priorities can take a long time while one might face both good and bad times. Rajib Vai was there in good and worse not with a professional manner but with care. I would like to thank him for all the patience he showed whenever I was in the edge of finishing the journey.  I also wish TPNL all the good luck.  I will miss their black ginger Tea  J .


Student Name : Omor Faruk
Institution : Western Kentucky University, USA
Subject : MBA
Comments :

It was my dream to have a degree from a North American country. After my graduation from East West University I started to follow my dream. Unless I went to ‘The Professional Network Limited’ (TPNL) I was in a bizarre situation as I went many student counseling firms before. But the friendly behavior of TPNL team makes me stop searching for any other reliable agency. Now I’m going to peruse my MBA in Western Kentucky University, USA. And TPNL really smoothen my path by guiding me through.

Rajib Ul Huq Khan, is the man who makes my dream in reality. Without his support, help and  suggestions it wouldn’t be possible to get this chance. I am very thankful to him for guiding me with spot on information from the very first day till I got visa. I also want to express my foremost gratitude to Mr. Shariful Islam Khan for his unparalleled inspirational words.

I will highly recommend TPNL to those students who have such dream like me. Thanks a ton TPNL, I wish all the success to team TPNL.

Student Name : Ayrina Najib
Institution : University of South Florida, USA
Subject : MS in Electrical Engineering
Comments :

It is my great pleasure that I have got a good relationship with TPNL. TPNL help me to find out my program of study in a university at a suitable state. They always help me to find out my all requirements. I am satisfied about their all kind of services.


Student Name : Mithun Saha
Institution : Macquarie University, Australia
Subject : Master of International Business
Comments :

Faith makes things possible. I am so excited to finally be able to say that I am a Student of Macquarie University, Australia!!!It's being a big achievement for me and I would like to share it with all of you. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to those patient souls who helped me accomplish this chance.

My special recognition goes out to Mr. Goutam Chandra Banik (Uncle or Kaku), for his support, encouragement, suggestions and the information he has provided about the Macquarie University and Australian student, as well as continuously proofing my document. 

I would also   like to express my foremost gratitude to all the officials of The Professional Network (TPNL) who helped me and gave me their valuable time, for providing me with the most relevant information on the basis of which I have achieved VISA in Australia. I am thankful to all of them for helping and guiding me and for being too nice and kind to me.

Student Name : Nabil Bin Faruk
Institution : PIBT @ Edith Cowan University, Australia
Subject : Diploma in Hotel Management
Comments :

I am Nabil Bin Faruk. I have completed both of my SSC & HSC from Pabna Cadet College with a GPA 5.00 in both. After that I have taken IELTS  exam in 2012 and have got a overall band score 7.0. now I have got student visa  from Australian High commission to complete my Diploma in Hotel  Management  from Perth Institute of Business & technology (PIBT) leading to Bachelor of International Hotel & Resort Management from Edith Cowan University (ECU) and it is only possible so easily for my agent, TPNL especially my counselor Goutam Chandra Banik.

I was  very interested in studying overseas in order to complete my Bachelor Degree Course. I had never experienced living in a foreign country so I was really a bit worried about it and  didn't  have much confidence about studying overseas. Moreover,  the University course application process and visa application process seemed to me so complicated that I badly needed someone's assistance.

Then I discovered   "TPNL " and my concern totally disappear like MAGIC! I did not know much about  Australian Universities so TPNL gave lots of good suggestions and helped me to find my way with their kind & sincere support. They provided me useful information about various Universities and suggested me the best ones. This opportunity indeed helped me to choose a suitable University for me with TPNL Support. I finally get the chance to enter a Diploma course in PIBT  leading to Bachelor degree course from Edith Cowan University in PERTH successfully. They have also assured to helped me by giving some contact details of the students who are   in my University in Perth.

From my experience , I can easily say that, TPNL's counseling service does indeed offer the highest quality in education  counseling. They are friendlier than any other student counseling agent in Bangladesh. It's like you can share your any kinds of difficulties in your way to overseas with them and they are ready to solve your that very problem. With their friendly and welcoming support every steps of the way, TPNL helps the student to explore the very diverse range of Academic and Educational experiences available in Australia.

Student Name : Adib Sarwar
Institution : Monash University, Australia
Subject : Master in Econometrics
Comments :

I am Adib Sarwar, graduated from North South University in Bachelor of Science in Economics. To pursue a Master's degree I was looking for Universities outside Bangladesh to get enrolled into a graduate program in a well reputed institution. I came to know about TPNL when a friend took me to Mr. Shariful Islam Khan  in Banani, in TPNL's old office. Although the relationship started to get going later, through the course of time, the services I have received from TPNL opened my eyes about the complete application process about applying abroad. Through hoping and trying for a lot of options in various countries.

Goutam Da finally inspired me about master's in Australia, where they saw and confidently stated, I meet all the requirements. The information I received from   him and overall TPNL staff was always spot on and 100% genuine. Processing and paperwork always takes time and patience, but the strategic and utmost accurate step by step arrangement, from Application to receiving Visa for Master in Applied Econometrics in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Goutam Da specially has been the best; I hope our relationships  continues to be a prosperous one and I am with TPNL.

All the Best!

Student Name : Tanzia Rahman
Institution : UTS:INSEARCH
Subject : EAP+Diploma in Business
Comments :

Applying for Bachelors Degree in Australia is a quite cumber some task. I believe that I made the right decision by choosing TPNL for that. The Help, The Advice and the frank opinion provided by Goutam Da and Shariful Islam Khan Sir really encourage me and helped me to get through the process of the applications. They have patiently attended all my   queries and provided me with satisfactory solution.

I would strongly recommend TPNL to all who want a secure an admission in a good University in Australia.

Thanks TPNL.

Student Name : Aftab Chowdhury
Institution : UTS:INSEARCH
Subject : Diploma in Business
Comments :

Thank you so much for your contribution and effort to help me and guide me to get a better future. And all my thanks to Goutam Da, whose unconditional support got me here in UTS one of the best universities in the world.

Student Name : Tuhin Ahmed
Institution : La Trobe University
Subject : Master of Professional Accounting
Comments :

Accounting and business skills are highly sought after by employers. It has been called the language of business and its graduates play a key role in organizational management and strategy. When I realized the importance of accounting in companies and the business world, I have decided to advance a career in this field.

However, after careful consideration, it has become clear to me that developing a successful career in accounting in the modern business environment requires advanced study in accounting and related subjects from worldwide reputed University. That is why, after completing my Bachelor of Business Administration from East West University I went to many education agents including IDP for consultation about study abroad but I was not convinced with their service.

Fortunately, I found TPNL, especially Goutam da who helped me a lot throughout the entire process of getting admission at one of the Australian top Universities and obtaining visa as well. Now, I can proudly say I am a student of La Trobe University and  the course “Master of Professional Accounting” which has been offered by my University is the perfect program for me to enhance my expertise and skills which will definitely make me qualified to serve today’s dynamic and challenging corporate world with brilliance.

Finally, I would like to give thank to almighty Allah, my family members and Goutam da for their tremendous assistance.

Student Name : Gourab Dipta Adhikary
Institution : University of Melbourne
Subject : Bachelor of Commerce
Comments :

Life is about living your dreams to the fullest and not merely existing in the façade of your goals. It has been an ambition of mine to study in The University of Melbourne in Victoria/Australia for many years now. I always wanted to pursue my higher studies abroad and Australia provided me the perfect way to achieve that. Their educational standard is recognized and reputed worldwide and the climate there is very easy to get used to making it a hotspot for international students everywhere.

TPNL has helped me a great deal by guiding me through all the application processes, sending of documents to the university and even aiding me to get my student visa. I owe my admission at The University of Melbourne to them. They are truly a respectable and remarkable organization which is difficult to come across nowadays. I thank Mr. Shariful Islam Khan and Mr. Goutam Chandra Banik in helping me reach the steps to a prosperous future.

Student Name : Giriraj Saha
Institution : La Trobe University
Subject : Bachelor of Business
Comments :

I am Giriraj Saha and I am going to study in La Trobe University. Well, I wrote that sentence so simply, because TPNL made it so simple for me. I started at the very last moment when I decided to transfer my credit. Transferring credit  is much more difficult than starting as a freshman. In addition, the rush of applying at the last moment was also upsetting me Many of my friends suggested various agency. So. I did follow their instruction and went to agencies like IDP , BSB etc .But all I got from them was just meaningless hope. Then I came in touch with TPNL. One of my Father’s colleagues ‘son got enrolled in USA University through this agency and he suggested me to come to TPNL.

I was really charmed by the team of TPNL .Their combined skill and experience really impressed me. Then I came  to know about Mr Goutam  Banik. He made this whole process of enrollment, a piece of cake. He was so confident in his work which also boasted up my confident. He assessed all my papers and I got my offer letter and COE within ten days and then I applied for  my visa in Australian Embassy  he gave me the guideline and helped me to organize all my papers so smoothly that with in less then ten days I got my visa. It brought joy for not only  me but my family also. My special regards to TPNL and specially to Goutam  Da  for making it possible.

Student Name : Mohammad Anas
Institution : University of Technology Sydney
Subject : Master of Engineering Studies/Master of Engineering Management
Comments :

The Professional Network Limited (TPNL) is an efficient organization who act as a guardian. They helped in every aspect. They answered every question of mine in a way which helped me to keep going and finally got success. Among all employees of this  organization , Mr Gaoutam Banik is just very good in his work. He helped me all the time when I contacted him. Finally , I can say by the grace of Allah  and help all employees  of this organization I got the visa. I pray for all  the success of TPNL.

Student Name : Rasel Ahmed
Institution : University of Queensland
Subject : Master of Education Studies
Comments :

Dreams become reality if  intention is perfect and finding the right person and agent is efficient or effective .First of all, I thank to Almighty Allah , my parents and TPNL .

Before studying in Turkey, I had a dream of studying in Australia for higher Education. After completing my graduation from East Technical University in Turkey.

I was looking for pursuing my Master degree in Australia. After that , I have taken a correct decision to choose my preferable University through an excellent organization(TPNL).

TPNL has helped me a lot by guiding me through all the application process, sending of documents to the university and getting my student visa as well.

When I was in Turkey , I contacted  Goutam Dada , general manager who did his best to provide me all information about Australian Education. I am  really  grateful to Goutam Dada because I visited several Agencies but  I  did not find such a helpful , friendly  person like Dada.

I am also thankful  to Allah that I found out TPNL because TPNL boss, Mr Shariful Islam Khan., He was the first person in Bangladesh to obtain Qualified Education Agent Counselor from PIER. In fact , TPNL staff helped me to provide me with accurate information and perfect decision  to choose University of Queensland for higher Education .

I wish all the best to  Goutam Dada and  TPNL Organization . I also hope future students going to Australia for  higher education will get best service from TPNL to make their dream come true .

Student Name : Md Harun ar Rashid
Institution : University of Technology Sydney
Subject : Bachelor of Business
Comments :

I, Md Harun ar Rashid, am going to pursue my Bachelor of Business in University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. University of Technology, Sydney is one of the largest universities in Australia and offer high quality learning facilities for the international students.

The Professional Network (TPNL) has helped me to turn out my dream into reality. Without their assistance especially Gautam sir, He was my councilor to process my visa, it would be very difficult for me to obtain offer letter and process visa application. I have got one year credit for my prior learning which will eventually save me about 24200 Australian Dollar with assistance of Gautam dada, as he bargain on behalf me with the university. He is more likely my guardian to suggest me to select suitable course and university. He gave me his valuable direction to prepare my evidence of eligibility of getting Australian Visa. What I like most about him is that his straight forwardness and not promising about anything he can’t do. Overall, He is always there with a smiley face to help the students in every manner.

The members of TPNL are really very helpful and they try heart and soul to helpstudents to choose the right way. I am highly satisfied with their service and I would like to recommend all the future students who have truly dream big and want to take challenge for their dream career, while they are making a decision of studying abroad as TPNL is the best in lending a hand to right university for right people.

Thanks TPNL!


Student Name : Syed Maher Hossain
Institution : Macquarie University
Subject : Bachelor of Business Administration
Comments :

I confirm that The Professional Network (TPNL) was appointed as my agent admission in educational institution and visa purpose from October 2013 to January  2014.

The agent had displayed extreme excellence in  their service. The efficient workforce of agency helped me all areas for processing the whole task at ease .Especially , Mr Goutam  Chandra Banik, General Manager , has shown great skills of expertise and  has been immensely assistive throughout the whole procedure. He also showed good  judgment and acted as a wondrous  counselor. The complete support and help that the agency has provided , deserves a top notch remark.

I highly , recommend The Professional Network (TPNL) as I consider the company a model and trusted study abroad partner who provided consistency and delivered  all expectations. 

Student Name : Mustahid Muhim
Institution : UTS:INSEARCH
Subject : Diploma in Business Leading to Bachelor of Business
Comments :

I had  a dream to study abroad  and  I visited several agencies but I was confused and could not trust anyone but TPNL is the one which showed me the right path by giving  right guidance . It was given by Goutam Dada. I was able to choose the right university UTS: Insearch . Goutam dada was  the person who made the whole journey smooth for me.

He helped me a lot. I would like to thank him and the team  of TPNL. TPNL is friendly , knowledgeable and authentic. Ultimately Goutam Dada  helped me achieve my first step of life. 

Student Name : Salmin Sayeed
Institution : University of Western Sydney
Subject : Foundation Studies
Comments :

I, Salmin Sayeed, acknowledge that Mr. Gautam Banik of The Professionals Network Ltd. (TPNL) has helped me to the best of his ability to get myself enrolled  in the University of Western Sydney (UWS). Mr. Banik and his team at TPNL have been a wonderful support and guide throughout the application process. They were very clear and answered all my queries diligently.

They provided me with valuable information like the cost of living in Australia, campus location and accommodation facilities in the city, tuition fees comparison, documents to submit for visa application and visa processing FAQs. Mr. Banik constantly stayed in touch with me and was the main media between the university and me. TPNL has been the right choice for me and I would strongly recommend students to work with TPNL when they decide to pursue their studies overseas.

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