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The world of storytelling is at your fingertips and the industry demands proficient and professional professionals. This degree explores the innovative and technical factors of filmmaking within a extensive variety of settings. With an emphasis on hands-on training, you will have get entry to to our enterprise wellknown digital cameras and film production equipment, enabling you to examine the strategies and techniques to make sure that the projects you work on and the visions you imagine, can end up realities for more than one platforms. Designed to increase the next era of filmmakers, you will achieve the imperative capabilities and know-how working independently and collaboratively on factual and fictional productions allowing you to graduate with a excessive technical skill set to hit the ground running on any movie set around the world. All of your growth is cautiously guided and increased by using individual tutorial support, ensuring that you create pieces of work to be showcased in your all-important portfolio.


Passionate about sound or music production? We have trained award winning audio professionals to reach their creative dreams since 1976. Whether you want to work in music production, post production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, game sound or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, the BA/BSc (Hons) Audio Production* Bachelor Degree gives you the knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career. The study programme consists of two courses, the well known and industry recognised SAE Audio Engineering Diploma and the Bachelor level that provides you with additional skill sets and understanding of the creative industries, project management, intellectual property and specialised audio technique, leading to an internationally recognised BA/BSc (Hons) Audio Production* degree, validated by Middlesex University, London.


From 2D and 3D animations, to Visual Effects and Game Art, nurture your creativity into life and transform your ideas into reality. This course is a special possibility to deepen your information and reap extra ability sets and perception of the creative industries, task management, mental property and specialised animation technique, main to an internationally acknowledged BA/BSc (Hons) Game Art Animation degree, validated by way of Middlesex University in London. During the manner of the degree, our tutors will nurture and information your innovative work fl ow in order to put together and create the all-important exhibit reel to make sure that you hit the floor running in the industry.

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