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Master's Accountancy and Control

The Master's programme in Accountancy & Control offers two top-level academic specialisation tracks: Accountancy Control Both tracks offer a common knowledge base in Accountancy and Control, as well as in-depth specialised courses and subject matter. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive an accredited Master’s degree in Accountancy and Control and the title Master of Science (MSc).

Bachelor’s in Political Science

Studying politics is not just about what politicians do – it helps you understand why the world is as it is and how it might be improved. A Bachelor of Science in Political Science offers you a solid intellectual and practical insight into this dynamic world, its challenges and its opportunities. It provides education for the informed, independent, analytical and critical thinkers and ‘doers’ that the world needs. We offer a genuinely coherent and integrated curriculum, which combines a broad disciplinary grounding in political science in all its diversity with flexibility in your choice of subfield specialisation. We offer subfield specialisations in: International Relations. Comparative Politics, Public Policy and Governance, Political Theory

Bachelor's Actuarial Science

Actuaries estimate complex monetary dangers concerning monetary and economic crises, fire or earthquake damage, populace ageing, mortality etc. So, are you appropriate with figures and complicated issues? If so, Actuarial Science is simply the programme for you, and Amsterdam is absolutely the city for you! Actuarial Science is a three-year full-time Bachelor’s programme at the UvA. We are the only university offering Actuarial Science as both a Bachelor’s and Master’s programme. Studying at the UvA is an unforgettable experience that you will benefit from throughout your personal and professional life.

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