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MBA (Financial Management)

Our Financial Management has been designed as an industry-focused postgraduate course for graduates with a strong quants and / or finance background in their undergraduate degree.

Bachelor’s in Psychology

In the Bachelor’s programme Psychology , you study human behaviour. Unlike many other psychology programmes in the Netherlands, we focus on both the theory and practice of psychology. At our university, you will learn to analyze psychological problems and to design practical solutions aimed at influencing human behaviour. After your study, you can find a job in healthcare, for instance. Psychologists also prove their worth for governmental bodies, in the business sector and in education.

Bachelor’s in International Business Administration

Business Administration centres on the organizational aspects of companies and the market environment in which they operate. Our International Business Administration bachelor's programme focuses on the broad range of business activities and business processes in commerce at a global level. What makes the bachelor's programme at the University of Twente stand out from others is that it is set in a high-tech environment. You will learn to systematically analyze business problems and design practical solutions. Further, you will see how technology influences businesses and how you can use technology to solve business challenges and influence performance.

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